Male Support: Wearing Boxers vs. Briefs and Going Commando

Choosing the right underwear can be stressful for some people, so we wanted to simplify the process. We specifically designed our underwear for men, so it's easier for them to select the perfect pair.

Wearing Boxers

Boxers provide a layer of protection for more sensitive areas from the potential damage of zippers. Additionally, they can be seen as more sophisticated than briefs and make great makeshift running shorts if needed. However, some may find boxer briefs uncomfortable due to their tendency to ride up the leg. This is the primary grievance among those who wear boxer briefs.

Boxers may not be the best choice if you're an active person. The constant rubbing of your skin against the fabric can cause chafing. Also, boxers don't provide adequate support for your testicles which can lead to a very painful condition called testicular torsion. 

Wearing Briefs

While briefs may provide some benefits, they can also lead to increased moisture and the possibility of skin infections. So it's probably best to think carefully before ditching the boxers and going all briefs.

If you choose briefs as underwear, selecting fabric that can absorb moisture and dry quickly is best. Additionally, taking a shower and putting on a clean pair of briefs after exercising are important. Additionally, putting on socks before wearing underwear is a good idea to avoid spreading athlete's foot fungus.

Wearing Commando

Going commando has advantages, such as reducing the amount of laundry you need and saving on the cost of underwear. However, it also has some downsides, such as needing to keep pants and shorts clean more often, being more prone to injuries due to zippers, skid marks, and other liquid stains, and the risk of testicular torsion. Even though it can be beneficial in some ways, some risks are involved.

Understanding Male Support

Getting the right fit with tighty whities is important to get the necessary support. However, the material's elasticity will suffer after multiple washes, resulting in a decrease in support. 

Men need support for their testicles for a variety of reasons. As men age, their testicles naturally start to sag, making certain activities uncomfortable or even painful. Without proper support, this Senior Sag can become so severe that the scrotum can even touch the water in the toilet bowl. 

Engaging in motorcycle, horseback, and getting in and out of a vehicle can be hazardous without good support. Good support can help prevent chafing caused by the scrotum rubbing on the inner thigh due to sweat and body proportions. All in all, male support is necessary to avoid physical discomfort and medical issues. 


Wearing boxers or briefs, or going commando, can all be viable options for men's underwear. Ultimately, the decision is up to the individual, as each choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it's all about finding the right balance of comfort and support and keeping everything clean and dry. So, whether you prefer to go commando, boxers, or briefs, you can feel confident knowing that you are making a smart decision for your urological health!

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